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Is there a cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)? If we go by the current medical paradigm then we are more likely to wind up with another symptom suppressant, i.e. a drug that allows the sufferers to “live with it”. Conventional or allopathic medicine is not really much dedicated to “cures” as such, since they reduce the customer base.

Our point here is not aimed specifically at CFS, but is aimed at using this as an example of how more and more chronic and acute conditions are having their root cause associated with one or more pathogens, e.g. viruses, bacteria, etc. Even with conditions like some mental illnesses, arthritis and autism, etc., it is being discovered that micro organisms of a pathogenic nature and even some newly discovered stealth viruses are either causing or aggravating the disease. There are alternative and experimental, politically suppressed therapies, that are extremely successful in killing these germs. Keep reading:

“Earlier this month, a study published in the journal Science answered a question that medical scientists had been asking since 2006, when they learned of a novel virus found in prostate tumors called xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus, or XMRV: Was it a human infection?

“The new study provided overwhelming evidence that XMRV is a human gammaretrovirus — the third human retrovirus (after H.I.V. and human lymphotropic viruses, which cause leukemia and lymphoma). Infection is permanent and, yes, it can spread from person to person (though it is not yet known how the virus is transmitted).

“That would have been news enough, but there was more. XMRV had been discovered in people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, a malady whose very existence has been a subject of debate for 25 years. For sufferers of this disease, the news has offered enormous hope. Being seriously ill for years, even decades, is nightmarish enough, but patients are also the targets of ridicule and hostility that stem from the perception that it is all in their heads. In the study, 67 percent of the 101 patients with the disease were found to have XMRV in their cells.

“Many people don’t realize how severe this illness can be. It is marked by memory and cognition problems, and physical collapse after any mental or physical exertion. The various co-infections that occur only make matters worse. Many patients are bedridden. And recovery is rare. A significant number of patients have been ill for more than two decades.”

See Article and Dr. Mercola’s comments:

Many conditions are no doubt caused or made worse by diet and the multitude of chemicals that we ingest routinely, but knowing that germs are part of the cause makes a solution more probable.

Two alternative therapies that have demonstrated amazing success in defeating pathogens of all types are ozone therapy and rife therapy (see below for links), both of which are not recognized by the US FDA and AMA. Both of these therapies have been shown to kill all types of pathogens without any harm to normal tissue! Of course, this research has been suppressed in the US by the vested interests that profit by our continued ill health and dependency on drugs, surgery and other invasive and destructive forms of treatment. In panning these two very effective modes of treatment as used in Germany, Russia, and Mexico etc. by physicians for more than 50 years in some cases, they have denied effective treatment to US citizens who are not able or avail themselves of these alternative therapies.

Most people are not wealthy or healthy enough to travel to these exotic places to get the enormously expensive treatments from these foreign clinics. However, many independent and industrious people can find these treatments right in the USA either through an alternative practitioner or by procuring and using the equipment themselves. We have known many such people who have gotten very good results treating themselves at a fraction of the cost of going to one of these clinics either here or abroad.

Still, this necessitates a great amount of determination and emotional independence in order to neutralize the scare tactics that are employed by modern medicine, e.g. witness the H1N1 flu scare campaign that is unfolding currently. The truth has been high-jacked and propagandized by a government spurred on by big pharmaceutical interests---greed---to produce one of the most insidious and dangerous assaults on our health through mass marketed and unnecessary vaccination. The proof of this is overwhelming and is right there in the govermentment reports, (CDC and others) to read. Yet, we are a country of increasingly sheepish mentality, and we are accepting the corrupted message of the spin doctors instead of looking at the facts for ourselves.


The Truth Behind the Vaccine Coverup, Part 1 (of 5)


There may be a cure for CFS, just as there may be cures for many so-called “incurable” diseases. We are not doctors and so cannot give medical advice. We recommend you consult a good alternative M.D. to assist you. However, as long as we are a free people, and this may not be for long if we do not wake up and realize that “freedom is not free”, we have the right to experiment and choose the therapy that we believe will help us the most. When this “right” goes, as it seems to be doing, we are indeed in trouble. We recommend you research this further and we have supplied what we believe are the two very best sources for information and self help, practical means to achieve your goal of health and wellness.

Rife Energy Medicine

Ozone Therapy

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