Monday, 28 March 2011

Does Lemon Juice Help Acne - Find The Real Truth Here

Does lemon juice help acne? A simple answer to that question is "Yes", it does help in clearing up acne. Lemon juice acne treatment is quite popular as it is an extremely cheap remedy. Lemons contain a natural acid called L-ascorbic acid. Acne is caused by bacteria that thrive in the small pores of the skin. When you apply on these pores, the acid will begin to break down and kill the bacteria that are causing the acne.

The result will be cleaner pores and reduced acne severity. Lemon juice remedy is so popular that most of the popular over the counter acne treatments actually have L-ascorbic acid as an ingredient in them. It will usually take a few days for lemon juice acne marks to subside with constant application.

How to use the lemon juice acne treatment?

Now that you have got the answer to the question "does lemon juice help acne", you should also know how to apply to get the results that you desire. This is a very simple procedure. All you have to do is this:

* Wash your face with a good antibacterial soap.
* Dry it.
* Squeeze a lemon onto a bowl and then use a cotton ball to soak up the juice.
* Apply a thin by consistent spread all over your face. It will begin to dry after a while.
* Once it is dry, try to leave it on for the night.
* Once you wake up the next day, rinse your face without using soap.

To get the best results, this procedure will need to be carried out for a few days. You can even wear this thin mask under make up if you want to. Generally, it will be a good practice to apply the solution to the entire face and not just the problem areas. This is because lemon juice can have a mild skin lightening effect and applying it on only certain areas will leave your skin a little brighter in spots.

Will lemon juice acne remedy work for everyone?

For some people, it might cause a bit of a burning sensation. This will be very bearable in most cases. If it is however too much to deal with, you can simply add just a little bit of water to dilute the lemon juice before applying it on the face. If you however experience a strong burning sensation every time you apply, it is best that you consider alternative methods as you might be allergic to lemon juice.

The tips I just shared above did helped clear my acne (to a certain degree) and I'm sure it'll help you as well.

But honestly, if you want clear skin, I'll not lie to you... It's NOT easy and you'll need a detailed step-by-step guide to do it RIGHT.

I have read a couple of acne related books and I'd have to say that "Acne No More" covers the MOST grounds. - However, I still dislike certain aspects of the book. I'll reveal them in my acne no more review here.

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