Saturday, 26 May 2012

The Brazilian Butt Lift Facts Reveal How It Works

By Derrick Reed

Leandro Carvalho is the creator of Beachbody's Brazil butt lift. He is also sometimes called the Brazilian Butt Master. His techniques are very specific, targeting the gluts and surrounding area with the aim of firming, shaping and lifting butt cheeks while maintaining a sexy, trim figure around the thighs.

The program consists of three types of activity - dance, cardio and sculpting, particularly of the lower body. These activities are combined in such a way that will benefit both the buttocks and the body on a whole. The cardiovascular exercises in particular will contribute to the total body workout that often results in great results for those trying to lose weight.

The program's 6 workouts aim to work the gluteal muscles in different ways from various angles. This guarantees a total workout of the region for maximum lift and tightening. The exercises are as follows: the basics; the signature 'bum bum' workout, developed by Carvalho himself and pronounced 'boom boom'; the 'bum bum' rapido, which is a shorter workout for those on the go; the high & tight; a workout for sculpting; cardio axe, which is dance-based; and the workout for the abdominals, called the tummy tuck.

In the first step, the basics, Carvalho uses the twenty minutes to introduce some of the popular Brazilian moves as well as offer tips on keeping the proper form throughout exercising. The 'bum bum' and high and tight workouts last for thirty-five minutes each. The longest workout is the sculpt, which takes fifty minutes to complete. Meanwhile, the cardio axe takes just half an hour while the tummy tuck, like the basics, is twenty minutes long. The shortest workout at ten minutes is the 'bum bum rapido'.

The program comes in a three-DVD set. It also comes with extras to further benefit from. A free measurement tracker and tape measure will help with keeping track of your progress, along with the calendar, which considers different booty types. The Booty Makeover Guide is also included, as well as the specially formulated nutrition guide. Cards for working out help when on the go.

Online or telephone purchase of the program is possible for only 3 payments of $19.95. If customers take photographs to show the before and after results of using the program, they will get a free T-shirt. Purchase entitles customers to 24-hour support online. There are additional bonus gifts, including the supermodel slim down plan and a strength band.

Alessandra Ambrosia is one of the many famous women who endorse the Brazil butt lift. It has been successful globally, used by many women. The product comes with a money back guarantee of thirty days.

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