Saturday, 10 December 2011

Reasons To Find Out The Most Common Causes of Acne

Although many people suffer from different forms of acne, only a few are interested in distinguishing the real causes of acne. This is because most individuals consider that discovering the real acne causes cannot actually help them to get rid of this condition. If you also think this way, you should know that you are completely wrong. The reason for this is that finding out what causes acne can help you to get the best possible treatment and eliminate acne from your life.
Discover the Most Essential Causes of Acne
Many people consider that acne is caused by numerous factors which range from different foods to inappropriate skin care regime. However, while some of these factors can be blamed for causing acne others have nothing to do with this condition.
A very important thing that you should know is that if you wish to get the right treatment for your condition, you have to discover the root causes of acne. This thing is essential because the available treatments usually target specific types of acne which relate to particular root causes. In other words, the acne treatments are not versatile. Thus, if you get the wrong treatment, you will not be able to cure your condition.
One of the most important root causes of acne relates to specific medications. There are different types of medications that contain specific ingredients which might cause acne. Another essential cause relates to hormonal changes, which usually take place in teenagers and pregnant women. In most cases, when the hormone levels are unbalanced, the acne appears as a result of the overproduction of androgen - a hormone which exists in both, men and women.
Another important cause of acne is stress. This element is able to cause different forms of acne especially in adults. And this is because stress can easily disrupt the adrenal glands, process which boosts the production of oil levels in the skin. Excessive oil offers the right environment for acne to develop.
Causes of Acne: A Few Myths That You Must Know
In order to know the truth about acne, it is essential to distinguish the myths from the real facts. Therefore, one myth tells us that only the teenagers develop acne. But the truth is that anyone can develop acne due to the aforementioned causes. The specialists consider that about 85% of adults suffer from different forms of acne.
Additionally, many people consider that acne is produced by junk food. It is true that junk food does not represent a healthy alternative for us but the specialists guarantee the fact that this type of food alone cannot cause acne. However, it is essential to know that certain foods can exacerbate acne especially if you already suffer from this condition.
Another myth affirms that acne is the sign of poor personal hygiene. But, this thing is not exactly true as in some situations, over washing can also cause this condition. Therefore, the right washing program should be fixed based on the skin type of every person.
In conclusion, by simply ignoring the aforementioned myths and distinguishing the real causes of acne, you can easily find the most suitable treatment and life regime that might help you to finally defeat this annoying condition.
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