Sunday, 1 April 2012


HEALTH INSURANCE, has become so expensive that most people are being squeezed out of the system.  Whatever you might think of Obama Care, it is pretty clear from the numbers that it will wind up costing the American taxpayer a lot more than promised.  But one way or another, whether it is nullified as a law or not, the cost of medical care in the US is skyrocketing.  To bring it down and to make it available to all equally, will render the quality of service much less as it has in Canada, where waiting for “non-essential” care is normal and getting worse.
The worst part may be that people have been educated to believe that the Western form of allopathic medicine, based on surgery and drugs, is the ONLY valid form of medicine.  This is due to a combination of factors but mostly to the pressure of the AMA and its ugly step sister the FDA to ban and suppress any competition to establishment medicine.
Are there alternatives if health insurance is cancelled and regular medical help is just too expensive?  Yes, there are many good ones but it takes effort to dig them out and test them. As pointed out in the article below, the best time to research alternative medicine is BEFORE you get sick because then the fear and pressure is so great most people fold and go along with the regular medical program never realizing they might have done much better with an alternative to surgery, radiation, drugs, etc. and all the attendant side effects.  Not to mention the fact that most allopathic medicine is extremely expensive and rarely offers a cure, just suppression of symptoms and at a high cost of the severe damage to the body and immune system that most surgical, radiological and pharmaceutical solutions produce.

This article offers some very good ideas:

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