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You might not have heard of magnetic  therapy.  It has been extensively applied for many years using both static and pulse magnetic fields in alternative medicine but has not yet achieved FDA approval or wide acceptance by the public.   Many famous alternative doctors have praised magnetic therapy quite highly.  See end of article for some reference articles.

Static and pulsed magnetic fields have their differences but are very similar in effects.  Whereas the static approach may require a magnet weighing thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours of therapy, a pulse magnetic device can attain its goal with a relatively portable unit and a lot less time.  The physics are too complex for this brief article. They both have their advantages, but it is hard to find the several ton, static magnets in a town near you.  (Also, we are not saying that small magnets are not useful; they just cannot compare in efficacy to larger, more sophisticated and more powerful units.)

What is important is the sometimes astounding results that are affected by magnetic therapy  although no claims can be made at this time without the completion of IRBs being run for FDA approval.  We scanned the internet for familiar clinics we used to know about and could not find them.  They may still be there, but are not easy to locate.  Our friend who was a highly renowned orthopedic surgeon, ran one for several years but has apparently retired.  The reputable clinics may have had to move off shore to avoid harassment from the establishment.  No one likes competition, especially if it is better.

We have found several devices that offer varying degrees of professional strength treatment possibilities, and these are all under the classification of pulsed magnetic therapy.  Only one unit seems to have the “juice” to get the results sought, the HMP by physicist and inventor Gary Wade.  There may be others but we are not aware of them at this time.  The closest is a clone (The P3) to this original machine which has basically the same internals but is offered at a much higher price; perhaps due to marketing costs?  In any event, the one we found, is built in accordance with a commissioning agreement by the inventor himself,  and  is basically meant for treatment of horses and other large animals.  It is offered as an experimental device under current law and can be acquired for around 12.5K. 

This seems a lot unless you compare it to comparable devices like the Papimi which goes for  many times that amount if you can find it.  It was banned in the US for some obscure reason.  But, that is not unusual in the US where most effective alternative devices are banned or ridiculed as quackery by hired disinformation specialists, or the FDA, AMA, peer review boards, etc.;  one of the short-comings  of corporatism run amuck.

If you have been patient enough to get this far, then you shall be rewarded.  We came up with an idea, (not new or original) for the peasant class, (those of us not in the 1% bracket who can afford to buy it or go to a swanky resort offshore etc.) to afford an otherwise expensive machine.  Time shares have worked in the past when real estate was in its golden years,  and a similar idea would work well with alternative medical devices.  Or, perhaps some kind of health club limited to a few members who invest in such a device and share it fairly.  Of course, “fairly” is the operative word.  But this could be easily worked out with a simple written letter and notarized.  We cannot offer legal advice as to how this would work.  Perhaps, if there were four people, they would each own 25% and each pay 25% of the price. Each would be able use the device a quarter of the time, which could be split any way that was fair.  Any combination of percentages would work since some members of the group might only need to use it 10% or more like 30%.  Seems a good way to afford something like this, since when we are using a therapeutic device, it is not constant and we have to account for the time the body requires to heal, repair and eliminate toxins etc.  Plenty of time for others to use it wisely.  The only limitation we found was the weight due to the rather heavy electro-magnet.  One healthy person can move the device but it would be more appropriate to have it remain in one stable location.

AGAIN, we are not recommending the HMP or Horse Magnetic Pulser for human use although we have tried it many times and benefited from it with no untoward effects.  If you decide to use it for self experimentation that is your prerogative and you should probably not shout it from the treetops and try to impress your MD friends.  They do not like the competition, and it is beyond their pay grade unless they have a degree in physics and electronics.  But, if you are looking for a good alternative to surgery and drugs in treating the type of problems and injuries that magnetic therapy is ideal for, then this may be your answer.  We would advise only that you make a thorough study of the available information and ask questions etc.  Check out the video and articles at:

The short explanations of effects and possible benefits can be found at:

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