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Part one:  ultra sound to kill pathogens

If you are like us, you have been acutely aware of the increasing doomsday prep mood in this country (USA) for a while.  Whether it is the prescient warnings of Gerald Celente the Futurist or the wonderfully done show on National Geographic channel, Doomsday Preppers,  you cannot ignore the smoke signals getting closer all the time.  Maybe there is fire in them thar hills coming our  way after all.

Everyone has their own theories about what it might entail and each has their own bailiwick as far as survival skills and recommendations.  We love it all. However, there is one area no one has explored much. What happens to a society that has grown accustomed to easy access, quality medical services when the grid goes down or the unthinkable happens?  What do you do when strange infections or pandemics are running rampant and the normal approach to medicine is hampered by the lack of a supply chain, delivery trucks not moving due to gas shortages, etc. etc?  There are numerous scenarios that are very possible ranging from and EMP attack, a disease outbreak, major earthquakes, war, terrorism, and the most likely, a financial crash and immobilizing depression.  Where will your doctor be?  How will you get medical care if the infrastructure is down?  You get the idea?

Well, you can storehouse drugs and medicine.  That may be why there are shortages in many drugs of late, the very rich making sure there will be supplies for them.  But, what happens when they run out? Besides, there are no antibiotics that work on viruses; they are for bacterial infections.   And then there all the machines we depend on, not to mention the computers to access records etc.  In a real emergency that affects the entire country or system, there will be shortages of everything including clean water and electrical power to run things.  Many health workers will be busy trying to help their own families and friends.  First come first serve.  Hoarding of medical supplies will be the norm.

You can learn a lot of battlefield medicine and first aid etc. but in the end, you might need a dentist or a surgeon, or just a simple antibiotic that has not expired its shelf life.  In a real emergency this could mean life or death.   Note: for years establishment medicine has actively suppressed many valid and effective cures due to greed and ignorance.  See the great book, Politics in Healing by Daniel Haley.

SURVIVALIST AND DOOMSDAY PREPPERS ARE A HARDY AND CREATIVE BUNCH and understand that there are many great solutions that have been suppressed, e.g. In South America it was common for snake bite to be treated effectively by taking the leads from a car or truck battery and shocking the wound.  This somehow disrupted the chemical composition of the poison, (As seen in old issue of the Lancet OR see  ). Just so, there are numerous ways to kill pathogens. We will get into a few.

SO WHAT IS THE ANSWER?  Let us suggest an alternative solution, an alternative experimental medical device that we have tested personally and found very effective.  This is a small, electronic device that uses ultrasound to kill germs and pathogens (not FDA approved).  This is not as farfetched as you might think. Ultra sound is used to kill pathogens  in canning facilities.  Establishment medicine has used various types of ultra sound in many procedures for years.  They have just not come over to the electro- medicine approach because the system is heavily controlled by the big pharmaceutical companies and they don’t want the competition.  There is not enough space to go into the detail. You can find all pertinent info at RifeTech.

The main point here is that this device, through its automatic and idiot proof scanning procedure, can kill most pathogens quickly and easily with little or no side effects other than the normal Herxheimer, which is just the body getting rid of toxins form the breakdown of the pathogens for elimination by the body.

How is this a doomsday prep device?  It operates on no more watts of power than a standard light bulb (the Edison type)!  In other words it can be run with a deep cycle or marine battery in the field, or even off a car battery with a simple inverter you can buy anywhere.  This would be lifesaver in the event of a wound being infected, gang green setting in, a biological attack, a flu epidemic, pneumonia, etc.  Not all germs are subject to destruction in this manner, but most are.  Anthrax is one of those tricky beasts because it hides in a spore state.  Herpes is another sneaky beast that hides in the spinal and nervous system and can be contained but not completely eradicated. But, as we will show in Part two, there are other approaches that can be used to supplement, just not as practical or mobile.  As always, we recommend a combination of approaches that offer the shotgun approach, since specific diagnosis without present day technology might be impossible. 

So, we have a light,portable machine, that works on just a few watts of power (a light bulb has 75 or 100 plus watts) and is effective against many if not most pathogens, including bacterha, viruses, protozoa, parasites, flukes, etc. ---see Alberta Lecture----and the best part is, it costs less than $2,000 (while you can still get it, since it is not manufactured but built on request by the inventor!) 

We found it is tough and built to last.  We have played with this unit for several years and it stills runs well.  The author used it many times on tooth infections with fantastic results, although  a dentist is still needed eventually for abscesses etc.  Various and sundry infections yielded easily and quickly ranging from flu attacks, ear and throat infections, a carbuncle or two, and infected cuts.  Others we know have reported incredible results with more serious diseases but we cannot mention this or make any claims because it is illegal and we know good people rotting in jail because they made that error (this is a disclaimer just in case: we are not doctors and cannot give any medical advice).  The best way to be sure is to try it.  One can study the available literature and make a sensible decision based on the facts.  ‘Nough said.

The inventor builds each one himself right in the US.  He cannot manufacture these devices because that would violate current law for an experimental device.  So, if you are prepper or survivalist, a renegade, or just a responsible adult trying to prepare for any emergency, we would advise checking this out and ordering early if you want to have one in time.  It is advised to study up a little before contacting the inventor so your questions are intelligent and individual. We are aware of many devices that claim similar principles and results but we found them unconvincing, theoretical or just plain cumbersome and expensive to try.  Simplicity and effectiveness on a budget, is pure elegance.  We love this machine.

In Part 2 and 3 we will go into various other Doomsday Prepper approaches to alternative medicine that will work even if the grid goes down and you only have the bare essentials to live, like oxygen therapies, colloidal silver, effective herbs, etc.

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